Delivery Systems

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Transmission pipe

Transmission line pipe is typically 12 to 48 inche

Transmission rights

Transmission rights are used by generators and/or

Transmission substation

Transmission substations connect two or more trans


A turbine is a machine in which the kinetic energy

U.S. energy flow

There are various sources of energy consumed in th


The natural gas delivery chain comprises three sec


Valves are required along the gas delivery system

Volt-ampere reactive (VAR)

A VAR is a unit of measurement of reactive power.

Voltage collapse

Voltage collapse is a particular type of blackout

Voltage regulator

Voltage regulators are adjustable step-up or step-

Water turbine

Water turbines are used in hydroelectric power pla

Wind farm

A wind farm is a group of wind turbines that gener

Wye distribution line

A wye distribution line describes a specific confi

Zero-emissions credit (ZEC)

A ZEC is a tradeable financial instrument that all