Delivery Systems

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State estimator

A state estimator is a software program that descr

Steel pipe fabrication

Regardless of the technique used to create the pip


Sub-meters are meters installed behind a master me


A set of equipment on an electrical system that tr

Surge impedance loading (SIL)

Surge impedance loading is a quantity used by syst


Switching is the process of rerouting the path tha


A switchyard is the set of facilities outside a po


In an AC electric power system, synchronization is

Synthetic natural gas (Syngas)

Synthetic natural gas (SNG), also sometimes called

System restoration

System restoration, sometimes simply called restor

Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)

TVA is owned by the United States government. TVA


A therm is a natural gas unit equal to 100,000 Btu

Three-part communication

Three-part communication is a process used in the

Three-phase power

Three-phase power refers to an electrical system t

Three-phase service

Three-phase service is typically provided to large

Tidal hydropower plants

Tidal hydropower plants, also called tidal barrage


A transformer is a device that changes the voltage

Transmission management system (TMS)

A transmission management system, commonly called

Transmission outage

Transmission outages can be caused by a variety of

Transmission owner (TO)

In markets where the system operations function ha