Delivery Systems

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A blackout is a total power outage on a portion of


A blowdown is the purposeful venting of natural ga

Branch circuit

A branch circuit is an electrical circuit within a

British thermal unit (Btu)

A British thermal unit, or Btu, is a common measur


A brownout is a situation where a utility delivers

Bulk electric system (BES)

The bulk electric system (BES) comprises multiple

Burner tip

The burner tip is the point in the natural gas del


A busbar, commonly called a bus, is a metallic bar

California ISO (CAISO)

The California Independent System Operator (CAISO)


A calorimeter is a device used for measuring the a


Capacitors are installed at various points on dist

Capacity (electricity)

Capacity refers to the maximum amount of power ava

Capacity (natural gas)

In the natural gas industry, capacity measures the

Capacity factor

Capacity factor is a quantity that describes how f

Capital expenditure

Capital expenditures refer to money spent to buy o

Cathodic protection

Cathodic protection is used to avoid corrosion in

Centralized generation

Centralized generation, also sometimes called util

Centrifugal compressor

Centrifugal compressors use centrifugal force to c


A chromatograph is a device that separates and ide


A circuit is an intentional close-looped path thro